Redesigning Amazon's Checkout Flow UI


Redesigning an existing product

Tasked to evaluate and offer re-design recommendations to an existing app, I peeked into Amazon's mobile app shopping experience.

This project was a part of a design challenge exercise while studying at BrainStation. Completed over a 2 day period in February 2018.


Checkout flow UI


• Reduced repetitive and wordy copy, simplifying/de-cluttering information to be easily and quickly digested
• Increased visibility into alternative format options, eliminating unnecessary steps needed to hop in and out of screens in order to explore
• Reordered placement of content, prioritizing/emphasizing key information that would be helpful for users deciding on a purchase


• Increased the visibility of groupings, strengthening the intuitiveness of the 'Proceed to Checkout' button's intended/perceived control
Reordered placement of 'Proceed to Checkout' button in order to encourage user review, decreasing chance of order error


• Consolidated related items into one grouping
• Increased visibility into alternative shipping options, eliminating steps needed to hop in and out of screens in order to explore
• Eliminated first 'Place your order' button in order to encourage user review, decreasing chance of order error
Note: it's recognized that the current top placement of the 'Place your order' button lends its hand to frequent users, allowing power users to quickly speed through. But, it can be argued that errors in quantity, shipping destination, or payment option can lead to more time and frustration when trying to correct the mistake (e.g. sending item back, etc.) than time saved.  Access to the app's user data (e.g. frequency of items sent to wrong destination, etc.) would be helpful in this design decision.
Reordered 'Order Summary' to come after changeable order details, encouraging user review, and decreasing chance of order error


Intuitiveness, visibility, and error mitigation

When critically evaluating user flows and user interface, it's important to remember that small tweaks can go a long way. By re-jigging the current design, all while keeping to the constraints of the original UI aesthetics, we are able to achieve a user experience that's more intuitive, increases visibility into customer's alternative options, and decreases room for user overlooking their order details.

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